Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Say Cheese!

There's so much going on in the children's department @ SLPL that I could probably blog every day and still not get it all. So today I'm throwing in some pictures of events that didn't make the blog - just a little teaser to tweak your interest. Plus, everyone loves a good photo. I just have to start with this one:
Mrs. L & friend at spider story time!
Family Place Library reception and banner presentation
Thank you poster for Upper Saucon Fire Dept. (who kindly provided goodie bags for story time)
Inter-generational story time with Valley Manor residents
National UMIGO (You Make It Go) Day - Building by tens

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chills & Thrills Storytime

Brrr! I felt a chill in the air last night....and those leaves have been twirling down quite prettily. I guess it's Fall! One of the best seasons to hang around outside....
SLPL is hosting a Chills & Thrills family story time on our wonderful patio! Friday, Oct. 24 @ 6:30 pm, rain or shine, we will gather around the fire pit for "wee-bit scary" stories, songs, pumpkin decorating ($2) and marshmallow roasting! Suggested ages: 3+

Bring chairs, blankets, & marshmallow roasting sticks, and we'll provide the apple drink, marshmallows & other s'mores ingredients.

Register online here. You may pay for and pick out your pumpkin ahead of time @ the library if you wish.
Cadette Girl Scout Troop #6467 will be helping out...thanks, girls!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Necesitan Tu Ayuda! (They Need Your Help!)

Have you ever worked really hard to achieve a goal? It's character-building, right? Even more so when that goal will benefit your community! We have 2 special patrons here at SLPL, Haley & Marissa, who need your help to fulfill their goal of earning a Girl Scout Bronze Award.
Here at SLPL, we have a special need for Spanish books due to the Spanish immersion program offered by our school district. Students are required to read books in Spanish throughout the multi-year program, and our Spanish collection saves parents a lot of money. Now we will have even more variety and options available!

There is a donation box for Spanish books (designed by the crafty duo) located in the lobby of the library, and any gift cards may be dropped off at the circulation desk.

Thank you, Haley & Marissa, for spotting a need in our collection and working hard to benefit your friends and neighbors. Girl Scouts rock!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Coming soon to a library near you...

What is UMIGO? UMIGO - You Make It Go - is a fun, vibrant world of adventure that helps early elementary age children learn math and develop the skills they need for effective reasoning and problem solving through stories, music and games!

Discover more and watch the new app-isode "Nobody Rides the Soakster" on the UMIGO website.

This Saturday, Sept. 27 is National You Make It Go Day! Connect with other families in your community as well as towns and cities across the nation in a day of interactive adventure! SLPL is hosting a special progam from 2:30-3:30 for children ages 5-8.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Special Display - Explorers!

If your kids are anything like me when I was a kid, they're already counting down the days until the next school vacation. Or even day off! And guess who is sailing the ocean blue to give them a break? Good ole' Christopher Columbus.
Kids aren't going to ask too many questions about why they get a day off school, but hey! Columbus wasn't the only one out there exploring the world. So this Columbus day, why not check out a book from our special display about all kinds of explorers - modern, ancient, real, or imagined. I feel a spirit of discovery wafting by!

Limit: 3 per card
Checkout: 3 weeks

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What's New?

Here's a look at some great new reads in the Children's Room:

Fraidyzoo - Thyra Heder
Little T wakes up to an extremely excited older sister shouting "Today is the PERFECT day for the zoo!" Enter apprehension. Little T is scared to go to the zoo...but can't remember why. Everybody wants to help and this becomes a clever alphabet book of high imagination. The family spends a fun-filled day of laughter trying to figure out what animal might be causing the fear. By the end of day, Little T is ready to go to the zoo...but must now wait until tomorrow! There is much to love about this book. Little T is not gender-specific: could be a girl or a boy with longer hair, making this accessible to both kinds of little scaredy-cats. The family uses all kinds of household items to recreate the animals which are never actually named (a chance for delighted readers to figure it out using visual clues. If you get stuck, check out the endpages) and instead of being disappointed about missing the zoo, enjoy their creative and imaginative day together. But the best twist comes at the end, when they arrive at the zoo the next day and find out exactly who is afraid of exactly what. 5 stars!
And the Cars Go... - Willam Bee
Another car book? Is that really necessary? Yes! Because moms and dads everywhere get tired of reading car/truck/fire engine/helicopter books that are boring. Start your engines, folks! And then get ready to wait in traffic. A policeman on his motorcycle comes across a station wagon packed with a family headed for the beach. They are stopped...what is the problem? Walking forward along the line of traffic, he encounters a Duke and Duchess out for a drive in their Rolls-Royce, a school bus full of shouting kids, a race car on its way to the track, etc. At the front of the holdup...Baaa! Beautifully detailed, quirky illustrations beg to be pored over on each page. And yes, there are engine noises galore. Everyone works together to solve the problem, and continue on their way. Bonus: There are 15 snails in this book. Can you find them all?
Weasels - Elys Dolan
Ever wondered, "What do weasels do all day?" Apparently, so has Elys Dolan. And she came up with: plot world domination! Today is the day they'll take over the world. If they can pull it together between power outages, broken machines and clumsy assistants. Kids will love to closely examine the busy pages full of little details. Parents will love the sly humor and pop culture references (think weasel mastermind with monocle in swivel chair stroking white pet mouse) Will they succeed? Who knows, but these weasels are so cute it might not be such a bad thing.

And let's not forget those older kiddos:
Tommysaurus Rex - Doug TenNapel
TenNapel is one of my favorite graphic novelists...and with good reason. Once again he has created a surprisingly heartwarming story with a quirky plot line and bold illustrations. Ely has a dog, the best dog in the world - a golden retriever named Tommy. But one day Tommy breaks his leash and gets hit by a car. Great start to a book, you might say. Ely is crushed and goes to stay on his grandpa's farm for the summer. While running from a bully, Ely hides in a strange cave in the woods. Which just happens to have a buried T-Rex in it that comes to life and becomes Ely's new pet. Expectedly, chaos ensues. What you don't expect is the deeper story of sacrifice, compassion and hope that follows. I NEVER thought I would cry reading a book about a T-Rex.

Images courtesy of Novelist K-8 and Amazon.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Going, going....green!

NEW Learn-With-Me kit:

Going Green
An interactive kit designed for teaching kids about taking care of our environment - and having fun at the same time! This busy bag includes:

4 books -
Arthur Turns Green
The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge
Green Crafts for Children
We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers

1 DVD -
Sid the Science Kid: Going, Going Green!

Recycling Truck (made from 100% recycled plastic)

Stacking Tree toy (for little hands)

Stop by the library to pick up this (or another of our 20+) educational Learn-With-Me Kit! Hurry up, they don't stay on the shelf for long!