Wednesday, August 27, 2014


NEW Learn-With-Me kit:

Going Green
An interactive kit designed for teaching kids about taking care of our environment - and having fun at the same time! This busy bag includes:

4 books -
Arthur Turns Green
The Magic School Bus and the Climate Challenge
Green Crafts for Children
We Are Extremely Very Good Recyclers

1 DVD -
Sid the Science Kid: Going, Going Green!

Recycling Truck (made from 100% recycled plastic)

Stacking Tree toy (for little hands)

Stop by the library to pick up this (or another of our 20+) educational Learn-With-Me Kit! Hurry up, they don't stay on the shelf for long!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's over, it's over...

...theblondelibrarian says "It's over!"

Summer Reading Club has come and gone. School is about to start and fall story time registration is up. Can you believe it?
Happy/Sad feelings abound....

BUT WHAT A SUMMER! So many kids and their families participated in Fizz Boom Read that it was like an explosion in the library! Here's some stats from the online reading club:

Read-to-me Club = 76 kids read/listened to 4896 books
In-Between Readers = 73 kids read 3,465 books
Independent Readers = 121 kids read 226,721 pages
Teen Reading Club = 39 teens read 140,565 pages

And that's just reading on their own...our programs and story times were overflowing! Here's a fun little reminder of all the good times:

Click here for a slideshow.

None of this could have happened without some very important people. Mainly, YOU! Thank you for participating, supporting and making the Summer Reading Club an all-around good time.

Also crucial to success are our local sponsors:
Copperhead Grille
Putt U
Tales of Adventure Comics and Games

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Together, we created a scientifically-awesome summer of reading and fun!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

7 Days Left!

ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT to read books and log them in for Summer Reading Club!

Keeping reading and logging until Wednesday, August 13th, @ 5 pm. You can do it!

IMPORTANT: all raffle prize tickets must be picked up and placed in the bins by Wed. Aug. 13th @ 5 pm. So don't wait around and think you can put them in before the final program on Thursday night. 'Cause you can't.

Speaking of, hope you are planning to come to our closing program on Thursday, Aug. 14th @ 7 pm. Lots of fun for the whole family as we close out the summer theme of FIZZ BOOM READ with some helium science experiments, yummy snacks, and the announcement of all prize winners!

You won't want to miss it, so pre-register here. I'm so excited, I just can't hide it!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sing Bang Boom!

Got a kid who loves to sing? Or maybe you are a secret shower-singer? No need to hide what's inside! Come to our "Sing Bang Boom" family program on Thursday, July 31st from 7-7:45 pm.
Two of a Kind (featuring David & Jenny) will present an interactive musical performance with songs & drumming related to reading, books, science, experiments, fireworks & noise-making.

Great for the whole family, you won't want to miss it! Pre-register here. Drop-ins also welcome.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

R U Curious?

We had a testy, tasty time at our "FIZZ BOOM EAT!" family program! Mrs. Lacock led the crowd in a host of fun, funny and sometimes gross experiments in kitchen science. (Keep an eye out for the fly in the marshmallow ointment)
Group time - marshmallow experiment
Density Station
Viscosity Station
Popcorn Station (How heat effects water)
Static Electricity Station
Great big thank you to all our mad scientist teen helpers!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wall-E Movie Night

"He's extremely curious...and just a little bit lonely. But all that is about to change."
Never has a robot been more adorable. Never has science fiction been more thrilling. Never has a movie with so few words said so much.

Trouble viewing video? Click here.

Join us on Thursday, July 17 @ 7 pm for our Wall-E movie night! Bring a comfy seat - lawn chair, sleeping bag, exercise ball. No need to worry about rain, because we will be hosting this screening in our lovely community rooms.

Free popcorn (no robot included), or bring your own snack. Water is the only acceptable beverage in those rooms, and you can bring your own or we offer bottles of water for $1.

Costumes welcome, but not required.
Pre-register here, or just drop by. You won't want to miss this story of timeless robot romance, adventure and mechanical noises.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Recyclable Robot Challenge - It was Plastic-tastic!

Is this a new, friendlier form of ATM?
"Jetpack Backpack" says it all.

"SLPL unlocks my heart and mind" Awww!
Wall of Robot Fame
I am amazed at the creativity and enthusiasm of the wonderful kids in our community! Science has never been so fun. Big THANK YOU to Mrs. Lacock for planning and hosting such a zap-blasting good time! Stop by the library to take a look at our futuristic friends.