Tuesday, October 16, 2012

As Promised...

So I promised you book reviews of our newest children's books, and I like to keep my promises! Let's start with my 2 favorite NEW PICTURE BOOKS:

The Duckling Gets a Cookie by Mo Willems

If you haven't heard of Mo Willems yet, you are really out in the boonies. The extremely popular author has several extremely popular series going at once, as well as several instant classic stand-alones. Any child who has every possessed a special blankie, toy or other security item immediately identifies with his Knuffle Bunny books, and his newest Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs is on my cataloging shelf right now. His series include the Elephant and Piggie books for beginning readers, the Cat the Cat books, and the favorite of Kindergarteners everywhere, the Pigeon series.
The Duckling Gets a Cookie!? is the latest hilarious addition to this series. As we all know, Pigeon likes to get what he wants, but sometimes that does not happen, even with all his hard work of begging, pleading and sometimes screaming. So when Duckling gets a cookie with nuts just by asking politely, Pigeon is quite upset and he lets everyone know it! Will Pigeon ever learn his lesson?

Shark Vs. Train by Chris Barton

If you have a little boy in your life, you NEED this book. Actually, you should read it anyways even if you don't, it's so funny. The premise takes you right back to your childhood days, when all you needed was a toybox and your imagination for hours of fun. Two little boys head for a toybox stuffed with toys and each one pulls out their weapon of choice: a rubber shark for one, and a toy train engine for the other. The rest of the book is a mad-dash competition between a shark and a train (as if those two things were even comparable). Who would win if they were...having a burping contest? Or playing hide-and-seek? Or sword-fighting on a tightrope? I guess it all depends on the situation. Barton hits the creative genius of kid's imagination spot-on, and the bubble comments from the shark and train as they are put through the long series of challenges are hilarious. My favorite page is the one in the library...Who would win if they were trying not to get shushed?

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