Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Wonder by R.J. Palacio

 Auggie is just like any other normal 10-year old boy. He's about to go into 5th grade. He has a crazy Star Wars obsession and an XBox. He has friends and family who love him and think he's awesome. But he was also born with extreme facial birth defects, and barely expected to survive. When Auggie attempts to describe his face, the closest he can get is an Orc from Lord of the Rings. Or so he's heard from other kids. 
Auggie has always been home schooled due to extensive surgeries, but this year his parents have decided it would be good for him to go to school. To middle school. For the first time in his life. Auggie isn't convinced. Considering that he spent about two years wearing an astronaut helmet 24/7 so that he wouldn't have to see "that look" on people's faces, he thinks middle school might be a little rocky. 
Join Auggie as he takes on middle school with dread, courage, detachment and searing emotion all mixed-up in a 5th grader's body. Yes, there are the cruel kids. At first, that seems like the whole grade. But friends come from unexpected places, and by the end of the year, things have changed for Auggie and every kid in his grade. 
Told through 6 different juvenile voices, readers get a full-circle account of everyone involved. And that's what it is...Auggie's first year at school is not just about him. It's about his parents letting go, his sister fighting a love/pressure battle in her heart, his friends making mistakes and growing, and the entire Beecher Prep Middle School walking in someone else's shoes.
Heartbreaking, triumphant, ambivalent, joyful, gut-wrenching and all too familiar, Wonder is a wonder of a book. I bet you $10 it will win the Schneider Family Book Award, and possibly the Newbery!

Oh yeah, and you can watch an awesome book trailer here. If my review hasn't convinced you!

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