Saturday, March 2, 2013

What we have here is a puzzling situation...


Welcome to the new Puzzle Place area of our Children's Department!

You may recall that within the past year we have really spruced up our kid's area, adding (in turn) a Block Building Table, a Big, Beautiful Dollhouse, and an Imaginarium Train Table.

I can say for sure that our traffic has increased. Sometimes it's so loud and full of kids having fun in there, that I have to put on my headphones in my office to concentrate! Which is a great problem to have. We are thrilled to have families come and spend an hour or two at the library, picking out books and then playing for awhile.

But back to the puzzles...we have 3 difficulty levels, but many kids will enjoy doing them all. The "Chunky" puzzles are great for pudgy little toddler hands, and the animal cut-out puzzles are challenging enough for their older siblings. Doesn't that bright rug look so comfy? Parents, your knees will thank me later.

Puzzles are great for developing minds. They build hand/eye coordination, develop fine motor skills, and encourage logical thinking and problem solving. The kids might think they are just having a good time, but we know better (wink, wink). 

This is all thanks to the funding received for our Family Place programming grant. 
Let's give them a round of applause!

BONUS SHOT: The Wild About Reading Cave is right next door!

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